There will be FOUR flights this year.  The DIAMOND Flight, the GOLD Flight, the SILVER Flight and the Bronze Flight.

Handicaps strokes will NO LONGER be used for 2017. (Only MNL scores will be used for avgs and flight placing)

Averages will be determined by last 20 MNL scores... the 6 worst and 2 best scores are dropped and remaining 12 scores are averaged (all raw scores... no adjusting). 
Averages will be used for flight placement. Adjustments will be done midseason.

Skins will continue to be paid out by gross score per hole.

FEES:  Weekly Entry: $12 plus green fees and cart (if applicable)
            Skins Game  :   $5 per week

TEES:  All players will be playing from the same uniformed tees each week.  There will be a set of tees (color yet to be determined) specifically for Monday Night League. 


Deadline to sign up for a Monday night event is 2:00 pm (not noon) on that same Monday.  Late entries will be placed on a waiting list and will be allowed to play only if there is a cancellation or a spot in the current field is available.  This rule will be absolutely enforced in 2017. So sign up on time.  Double Round deadline will be the Friday before the Double Round Event at 5pm.  Please understand this rule is in place in order to make pairings on time.  Also, it is always best to sign up in person, but if you call in to sign up then it is advised to call and verify Monday morning to make sure you are signed up for the tournament.  DOUBLE CHECK!

Players cannot practice the holes they will be playing on the day of the tournament after 1:00 pm. 

Scorecards must be turned into the scorers table by no later than 9:00 pm after every Monday round (no exceptions).  If your scorecard is not turned in before 9:00 pm, it will be considered a "no scorecard" and ZERO pts will be awarded to you for that round.

In order to be able to play the June 3 Double Round event, you must have played a minimum of 3 Monday night rounds.  In order to play the August 26 Grand Finale Double Round, you must have played a minimum of 10 Monday night rounds OR if you began the season after the June 3 event, then you must have played a minimum of 5 Monday night rounds.  REMEMBER:  they MUST be Monday night rounds... Double Round events do not count for this.

You must physically check in at the pro shop BEFORE your round.  DO NOT head out to your assigned hole without checking in and paying for your round.  The round will not count if you are not checked in first.  It will be considered a "no show".  Anyone arriving after 5:40pm is considered a "no show" as well.  The player may only join the group they were assigned to for the day to play in skins only... not for points or merchandise money.  The player may only play for skins on the holes that have not been played or completed by his assigned group.  A late player may not return to play the holes already completed by his assigned group upon arrival.

A player DOES NOT have the luxury of declining to move UP OR DOWN a flight.  They will be moved accordingly using the League Sync average program.  (MNL Committee reserves the right to move players to any flight they choose at any time if they have determined a player has been manipulating the system or to keep the league fair and keep the integrity of the game).

In the event that 16 players do not qualify for matchplay in a flight, the yearly membership will be prorated depending on the number of byes.  If there are two byes, there will be no partial membership for third and fourth for that particular flight.  If there are three or four byes, there will be no partial membership for the runner up.  A membership for a flight will only be declined if there are less than 8 players in the matchplay portion of the year for that flight.

Players who choose to be on the "permanent sign up list" must call in to cancel if they are not going to attend, otherwise 3 points will be deducted from their total. 3 points will also be deducted to those not on the "permanent list" but who sign up and don't call in to cancel if they don't attend.

Pairings will be random on a weekly basis. Requests will be taken into consideration but not necessarily granted.  Hole assignments will also be randomly assigned.

No twosomes will be allowed. If a group has "no shows" and only have two players or less left in the group, those players must find another group to pair up with, otherwise their score is null and void.

If there is a skin carryover in a flight, a player who did not participate in the previous round(s) must pay the previous round(s) skin entry along with the current entry.  Any player not in the first round of any carryover and who has not participated in a minimum of 1/3 of the Monday Night rounds played to that point, MAY NOT play in the skin carryover, but may play in the tournament for points and merchandise winnings.

Payouts for Matchplay have been extended to top 4. 

          1  Winner of each flight's matchplay will win a fully paid yearly
                     membership to Shary Golf Course. Null and void if there are
                     less than 8 participants in matchplay in the flight.

          2  Each runner up from each flight will be credited a half paid
                     membership (meaning the runner up winners will only
                     need to pay half of the yearly membership if they choose
                     to do so). Null and void if there are 3 or more byes in the flight.

          3  The two semi-final losers in each flight will be credited a
                     one/third paid membership (meaning the semi-final losers
                     will only need to pay two-thirds of the yearly membership
                     if they choose to do so). Null and void if there are two or
                     more byes in the flight.

Monday Night League 2016